Young Co-operators Prize

This prize is for you if…

You are tired of forever
improving your CV,
of climbing the career ladder and
working hard for free.

You are bored of applications that
bring you no reply,
don’t want to sit at a desk watching
time tick on by.

You want work that's fulfilling:
"something that I love!",
not work involving endless
“orders from above”.

You want a decent wage but
money isn’t the last word.
It's important your ideas are valued,
that your voice gets heard.

You have an innovative idea that’s
both new and intriguing,
you're ready to start co-operating and
finally stop competing.

You want to work with others to
make this dream real.
You think it’s right that each of you
should have a fair deal.

If this sounds like you,
And your next question is “how?”
We can help you create your own work.

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It's not you it's the economy.